SALE ALERT – Sephora

I fell in love with this product over the weekend, only to find out it’s on sale at Sephora right now!!

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New Specs!

Hi Guys and Dolls!

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that my vision has been going down hill – A crazy thought considering I had just gotten a new prescription and purchased glasses early last year!

Since being diagnosed with the blood clot in my neck, it was important to get my eyes examined, as vision changes can be associated with a clot of this nature. I also learnt in this examine that there’s always the potential for a piece of the clot to break off and travel into my eye(s) – Another thing to watch out for! Lovely.

Anyways, having just purchased expensive Tory Burch frames with high quality lenses less than a year ago, and only being covered for a couple hundred dollars every couple of years, I knew I had to seek out a less expensive option.

A friend of mine had recommended Warby Parker – It was the first time I heard of this concept where glasses actually seemed affordable! The cost difference from what I would usually spend honestly blew my mind a little.

I was set to check out Warby (and I still will one day) when I stumbled across a similar site/store – Bonlook! I was instantly obsessed with their collection.

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fabfitfun Spring Ad-Ons – Full Spoiler

Hi Beauties!

As promised, here is a full preview of all of the items available as add-ons for the Spring 2017 fabfitfun box. There are a TON of DEEPLY DISCOUNTED items here! I’m pretty obsessed with the selection this season. As you can see, I’m hoarding quite a few items in my cart!

Remember, you can only get these amazing products, at these INCREDIBLE discounts if you purchase the box – So head over to my special link here: to get 20% OFF your first box and HURRY cause these add-ons will sell-out fast (some already have – Fear not, as others drop items from their carts, they often become available if you act fast)!

Add-on selection is open until March 4th, and boxes will start to ship to Select Members (yearly subscribers) on March 9th.

What are your favs from the below?

Happy shopping!




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fabfitfun Spring 2017 Add-On Preview!

Hi dolls!

fabfitfun sent out an email today with 5 add-on item previews – Let’s just say, I’m pretty sure this is going to be the best set of add-ons yet!! I already want 3 of these.. Any guesses as to which? Select Members get first dibs on these babies tomorrow, while everyone else has to wait until the 21st. Being a Select Member definitely has it’s perks – It’s something I recommend, as it also gives you a bit of a discount and the chance to choose your items from the variations.

Sign up using this link to save an extra 20% off your first box:

I have a feeling these add-ons are going to go fast – I almost didn’t want to share them, they’re so good! But I love you guys 😉 So claim them while you can!




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fabfitfun – Winter 2016

Hi Beauties!

I will get around to posting a more proper review soon, however in the meantime I’ll leave you with these photos of all of the truly FAB items from this season’s fabfitfun box + add ons.

I don’t know how they do it, but these boxes always have HUGE value, and they are constantly out-doing themselves!

If you haven’t ordered your own yet, I cannot recommend them enough – A subscription would also make a PERFECT gift for any lady on your Holiday list!

Use this link to save $10 OFF your first box:




fabfitfun Winter Add-Ons 2016!!

Hi Lovelies!

The Winter Add-ons for the fabfitfun subscription box have been released and they are HUGE!! I can’t even believe the size of the selection this season. I think that the add-ons are slowly becoming my absolute favourite part of fabfitfun, and this is saying a lot considering how stellar their boxes are!! The discounts on these products are ridiculous. It takes a whole lot of will-power not to go crazy and basically buy everything. As you can see, a lot of things are already selling out! You can only view these products once you’ve subscribed, so I thoght I’d give you all a peak at what you’re missing – shhh! 😉

I’ve added a heart beside all of my favs. I need to mention the MASSI throws in particular though – I purchased one from last year’s winter add-ons and I am OBSSESSED with it. I get a TON of compliments on it. It’s big, super cozy, and washes fabulously. These retail for $150 but you can get them here for only $49!!! I’ll be buying another one this time around – They have so many colours available, I’m still stuck choosing! The one I currently own is the MASSI COMODO ROSA THROW IN GREY – So I def recommend you snatch that one up too 😉

I’ve price-checked a lot of these items, and the savings really do add up!

Remember, you can only get these amazing products, at these INCREDIBLE discounts if you purchase the box – So head over to my special link here: to get 20% OFF your first box and HURRY cause these add-ons will sell-out fast!




What are you waiting for – Hurry over, and get you box and add-ons now!!! to get 20% OFF your first box

Carolina Dress – Kora Rae

Here is a dress that will definitely be on repeat this spring/summer – It’s so versatile, this is only one of the many ways you can wear it! I think that the Kora Rae site says it best:

An insta-classic, this versatile polycrepe Shift dress is fluid grace personified! Featuring contrast silk panel, which can be worn over the back or front, and a contrast silk sash, with a invisible centre back zipper. Cinch it at the waist for a flirty look or keep it loose and comfy for an all-day affair!

This dress will go a long way in your wardrobe – It’s definitely worth the splurge. I instantly felt so classy and beautiful the moment I put it on, and cannot wait to explore all of the fun, chic ways to wear it this season. Check out just a selection of pics from a shoot done this weekend on a rare, warm Canadian Spring day!

Carolina Dress - Image 1

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Wardrobe Love – Work Week Favs – April 13-17th 2015

Here are a few of my favourite outfits and make-up looks from this past work week. In true Canadian fashion, Spring weather is totally unpredictable – One day it’s sunny, and warm, the next, it’s COLD! As you’ll slowly see, I don’t have one set style, and I don’t truly follow trend – I wear things that I love and are comfy, and love to mix things up. Though, I think I always try to use “classy” as my base point, even when I’m dressing down/casually.

Wardrobe April 13th-17th 2015

What’s In the Box – Kora Rae

My first order from Kora Rae arrived yesterday! Beautiful packaging colours, and a hand-written note from the designer are wonderful touches. As a graphic designer, I also have such love for this logo and the story behind it… Stay tuned for what’s inside!

Kora Rae Boxing

Click HERE to see what was in the box!