Bell Let’s Talk Day – 2018

Hi Guys and Dolls,

Here in Canada, today is Bell’s Let’s Talk Day – We all join together in raising our voices to try to help end the stigma surrounding mental health.

Here’s a video of my thoughts and some of my story.




It’s Never Too Late to Fulfill a Dream – Learning to Dance as an Adult

Ballet Shoes and Empty Class

I remember being about 3yrs old when my parents first enrolled me in dance classes. I remember hopping about the classroom, however more than this I remember crying – My mom was a stay-at-home mommy at the time, and I had some serious separation anxiety every time we were apart.. So, needless to say, those classes didn’t last long!

I remember as a child, I was always dancing and spinning around. A love for dance doesn’t necessarily require a class to flourish – As with most of the arts, it’s a passion born from within; A fire. Technique can be taught and honed within the classroom, however the rest is a natural gravitation; a pull.

When I was a bit older, I spent a year taking dance again – This time, there was no separation anxiety as I was around 11yrs old and gaining my independence. I also had my sister as well as my childhood best friend joining me. However, this was a time when I was being raised by a single mother supporting three children so I imagine that keeping us all in classes was tough. Again, my foray into the dance world ended.

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