Learning To Dance As An Adult – Update

Ballet Class

With my beginner ballet course coming to an end last Friday evening, I thought it was time to write an update to my post It’s Never Too Late to Fulfill a Dream – Learning to Dance as an Adult.

Before I began the class, I really had to idea what to expect. I worried – Would ballet be too slow-paced and quiet for me? I knew it would be good for my body – But would it be a good work out? Would I break a sweat?

With that, let me start off by saying it was most definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – It certainly was not slow-paced and quiet, and was one of the best things that I’ve done for my body. I love a good workout that doesn’t feel like a work out (because it’s just so darn fun).

The studio at City Dance Corps where the classes were held is quite beautiful – A large corner space with lots of big windows, old hardwood floors, and huge ceilings in an older building on Queen West (one of my fav areas of Toronto). The stairs up to the studio are killer (especially when you’re running late) but make for a great pre-dance warm up/post-dance warm down.

Because the course was spread over just 7 weeks, it was fairly fast-paced. However, our instructor, Marq Frerichs, ensured that we learned the proper technique for each position, as well as terminology before we moved onto the next. I loved that he also made sure to explain the biology behind each movement – Even passing around a tablet in the beginning so that we could all view how our bones aligned. It truly helped to understand just how our muscles and body over-all were working. I found that it greatly aided in becoming more in tune with my body – Not only with the external motions of ballet but the internal as well.

Overall, I left the course feeling like I had gained such a solid base of the basic fundamentals of ballet, as well as the timing and rhythms. I could feel my posture and balance improve with each class. Muscles that I didn’t even know I had have become stronger and stronger. I notice that even the way that I push my cart through the grocery store has changed – I stand taller. I feel more graceful, and above all, I have this insane excitement to keep learning – To keep pushing myself to do more, learn more and become better.

The instructor, Marq’s, impressive resume was one of the things that pushed me to sign up for my course, and he did not disappoint! He has such an enthusiasm not only for ballet but teaching as well, and it’s certainly contagious! Whenever I felt like I wasn’t quite grasping something, he was super encouraging and patient. He made the classes so much fun. I loved how, even though we were all adults, he taught us just like the beginner dancers most of us were. Above all, he created a great atmosphere for learning where you were never afraid or embarrassed to mess up because that’s how you learn!

Overall, I can’t say enough about the experience. I would say it was everything I hoped it would be, however that would be a lie – It was MORE. If I had one complaint, it would be that I wish the course was longer!

I’ve fallen in love with ballet. I even purchased a portable bar for at home so that I can practice my technique. I also have plans to begin taking both power barre, ballet boot camp, and flexibility classes at the same studio to help improve my overall strength, flexibility and cardio routine. And one more thing – Because I loved it so much, I’ve signed up to take the course AGAIN! I actually began classes yesterday with a different instructor – Her teaching approach is very different, and I’m super excited to learn even more. I think the classes with Marqs prepared me so well for this round of classes. I can’t wait to update you all once again as I get further along in this course!

Next month, I plan to begin taking introductory classes at the National Ballet’s In Studio program concurrently with this course at City Dance Corps. I’m going hard at this with my whole heart and everything I’ve got – Proving it is, in fact, never to late to fulfill a dream.



It’s Never Too Late to Fulfill a Dream – Learning to Dance as an Adult

Ballet Shoes and Empty Class

I remember being about 3yrs old when my parents first enrolled me in dance classes. I remember hopping about the classroom, however more than this I remember crying – My mom was a stay-at-home mommy at the time, and I had some serious separation anxiety every time we were apart.. So, needless to say, those classes didn’t last long!

I remember as a child, I was always dancing and spinning around. A love for dance doesn’t necessarily require a class to flourish – As with most of the arts, it’s a passion born from within; A fire. Technique can be taught and honed within the classroom, however the rest is a natural gravitation; a pull.

When I was a bit older, I spent a year taking dance again – This time, there was no separation anxiety as I was around 11yrs old and gaining my independence. I also had my sister as well as my childhood best friend joining me. However, this was a time when I was being raised by a single mother supporting three children so I imagine that keeping us all in classes was tough. Again, my foray into the dance world ended.

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