Wardrobe Love – Work Week Favs – April 13-17th 2015

Here are a few of my favourite outfits and make-up looks from this past work week. In true Canadian fashion, Spring weather is totally unpredictable – One day it’s sunny, and warm, the next, it’s COLD! As you’ll slowly see, I don’t have one set style, and I don’t truly follow trend – I wear things that I love and are comfy, and love to mix things up. Though, I think I always try to use “classy” as my base point, even when I’m dressing down/casually.

Wardrobe April 13th-17th 2015

What’s In the Box – Kora Rae

My first order from Kora Rae arrived yesterday! Beautiful packaging colours, and a hand-written note from the designer are wonderful touches. As a graphic designer, I also have such love for this logo and the story behind it… Stay tuned for what’s inside!

Kora Rae Boxing

Click HERE to see what was in the box!

Location Love – Colette Grand Café

Last weekend I finally decided to check out Colette Grand Café located at King and Bathurst here in Toronto, and let me just stay this place is stunning and somewhat of a hidden gem!!

Colette Interior

Tucked away amid condos and across from a park, you would never suspect the beautiful Parisian style cafe/restaurant/bakery that is hidden inside this unsuspecting building. From the moment you walk in, you are transported away from Toronto and surrounded by some of the most lovely decor I have seen in any restaurant across the city. There are multiple rooms you can choose to be seated – Each filled with stunning natural light, and their own sweet charm.

For this visit, we chose to grab some croissants and macarons from the bakery, and find a seat in the cafe-styled section as the sun set through floor to ceiling windows. We also ordered a wonderful bottle of chardonnay – A stellar combination for a Sunday afternoon.

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Cheers To An Amazing Friend!

I wrote the following as an article submission for The Star on friendships that have helped change our lives in some way. It was never chosen, however I thought it would be a shame if it was never published so I thought I would share it here!

Five years of full-time school, nearly full-time work, and battling a chronic illness left my social life fairly depleted. During this time I was lucky to work, mostly as a barista, in jobs that were fun and social enough to fill this gap. However, after being hired following my internship at my current company, I left all this behind to begin what I had been working towards all this time – My career. I worked with, and still do, the greatest group of people, however being the new kid with a bit of an age gap, I often felt like a bit of a lone wolf.

A few months later we took on a new intern named Vanessa from the same program I had graduated from. I don’t believe we spoke much apart from introductions in the first few days, however one day I offered to show her where I spent my lunches and we haven’t stopped talking since. I don’t remember much from our first conversation but I do remember the moment she said, “I prefer to spend money on concerts than anything else” and as a fellow concert junkie, I knew we would be good friends.

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