Daily Makeup Bag – Brows

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Daily Makeup Bag – Prep Spray

Hi dolls,

This is the beginning of a daily series of posts – Each day I will highlight one product from my daily, weekday makeup routine.

Time for product #1!


Quick Fix Hydracharged Complexion Prep Priming Spray

I have combination skin that tends to be more on the dry side. For as long as I can remember, I would apply a bit of moisturizer before my makeup routine, thinking it was helping my skin look it’s best. Turns out, I was totally wrong!

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New Blog Page – Deals!



Hi guys and dolls,

Over the years, I’ve become known to my friends and family as someone who is always able to scout out some of the best deals on the Internet. I’ve jokingly nicknamed myself DJ Dani Deals (DJ is one of the nicknames my friends call me, and well, the rest is just me being lame, haha).

With this in mind, I’ve decided to launch a new page to my blog: Deals!

I’ll try to keep it as fresh as possible. Please bear with me as I work on adding to the list, and let me know in the comments if you have any problems with any of the links.

I’m not being paid to endorse any of these store/brands/sites/etc. Just looking to share the savings love with you all ❤

Happy Shopping!



fabfitfun – Spring 2017

Hi Beauties!

Here are some photos of all of the truly FAB items from this season’s fabfitfun box + insanely discounted add ons. I’ll get around to a review soon.

Once again, this box has HUGE value! I feel like every single season I find myself saying “this is the best one yet.”

Use this link to save $10 OFF your first box: http://xo.fff.me/eIHig





Add-On Items:


Click here to SAVE $10

fabfitfun – Spring 2017 Box Spoilers

Hey Beauties,

Here are the first three spoilers for this upcoming fabfitfun box! I must say, I’m pretty excited about all three.

Which is your fav?

Remember, you can use this link: http://xo.fff.me/eIHig to get 20% OFF your first box!!

If you don’t like spoilers, stop here. If you love them as much as I do, keep reading!


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Winter Pastels

Hi Beauties,

Here is an outfit that is super versatile – I love anything that can be warn multiple ways.

Also, adoring pastels this Winter, and the return of the high-rise jean (they’re sooo comfortable)!




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New Specs!

Hi Guys and Dolls!

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that my vision has been going down hill – A crazy thought considering I had just gotten a new prescription and purchased glasses early last year!

Since being diagnosed with the blood clot in my neck, it was important to get my eyes examined, as vision changes can be associated with a clot of this nature. I also learnt in this examine that there’s always the potential for a piece of the clot to break off and travel into my eye(s) – Another thing to watch out for! Lovely.

Anyways, having just purchased expensive Tory Burch frames with high quality lenses less than a year ago, and only being covered for a couple hundred dollars every couple of years, I knew I had to seek out a less expensive option.

A friend of mine had recommended Warby Parker – It was the first time I heard of this concept where glasses actually seemed affordable! The cost difference from what I would usually spend honestly blew my mind a little.

I was set to check out Warby (and I still will one day) when I stumbled across a similar site/store – Bonlook! I was instantly obsessed with their collection.

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Up, Down, Hi-Lo

Hi Beauties,

Here’s an outfit featuring a gorg hi-lo top, and both an up-do and hair down look!




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Pretty in Pink

Hi Lovelies!

One thing helping me get through recovery right now, now that I’m able to sit upright for much longer periods of time, is sitting down to play with some make-up.

No girl is ever too old to play dress up, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I won’t lie, I crawl right back into my pajamas after I take some photos but it makes me happy putting outfits together and finally feeling pretty again after over a month of bed rest.

Here’s a cute look I’m calling “pretty in pink”. It will definitely be in rotation when I return to the office. I think that paperbag pants are my new obsession.

Keep reading below for details on products used.




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Hi beauties,

My first order from Kitsch (mykitsch.com) came in and I had to share these pieces – They’re stunning!

Kitsch sells a bunch of different accessories, however I would say my favourite and the most unique would be their bun pins – An accessory I’ve been wanting to try! In my search, I found that they’re the only store with such a large, and unique collection. Not to mention, they’re prices are fantastic, and their shipping time was stellar – Barely a week from when I placed my order to it arriving here in Toronto, Canada from L.A.

For else else ordering from Canada, you’ll love the site because you can view the Canadian prices of everything and shipping costs are reasonable – There are no surprises!

I purchased two bun pins as well as a classic ponytail clip to try. The bun pins came in more perfect than I had even pictured. I did notice a small cosmetic defect on the ponytail clip that I’ll have to contact the company about but at this point, I know I’ll be placing another order, regardless.

Click below to see more pics – I’ll try to get some photos up with these in my hair soon!

In the meantime, use this link to save $5 off of your order: http://fbuy.me/e1Jm9




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