One Week Ago

One week ago, Sean asked me to dress up for a date night that he had planned earlier in the week. I thought nothing of it, other than that is was a very sweet gesture since we can’t go out right now. 

As I was getting ready, a thought had crossed my mind that maybe he was going to propose – I laughed it off and thought to myself that I’m just crazy; We are together 24/7, there’s no way he could pull that off without me knowing!

That evening we both separately got ready, and met each other downstairs. He was probably more dressed up than I was, in a suit jacket. He surprised me by pulling out a nice bottle of wine, which I don’t even know how he snuck into the house without me knowing.

We played a sweet game that he had put together with questions about our relationship. Again, a sneaking thought crept in – Is this it? Butterflies filled my stomach. But the game finished and we continued to sip wine and talk, as music played.

I was getting a little tired at this point, so I began to take my jewelry and lashes off, and was craving my pajamas. Sean then very subtly pushes the coffee table away from the couch we were sitting on, and I laughed and said “what are you doing, I can’t reach my wine now!” 

A few moments later, he stands up with his back to me, and is commenting on this picture we have had on the wall all year. He’s fidgeting in his jacket and I hear a slight rip. I laugh and say “what are you doing?”

He turns around, and I’m blinded by the light of a ring box. He said a bunch of sweet things that are like a blur because I’m pretty sure I blacked out. And with that, asked me to marry him. 

I bawled as he slipped the most beautiful ring I have ever seen on my finger and sobbed into his arms. 

“It’s all right”, he said. “That’s the point”, I replied, “It is.”

I don’t even remember if I said yes, all I remember is the happiness that flooded my heart.

I will never forget that night. Just the two of us. In our first home together, beside the sparkle of the Christmas tree. 

Everything just “right”.


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