100 Days

100 days. 

100 days of isolation. 100 days of quiet chaos. 100 days lost. 100 days found. 

However you view the past 100 days since this virus took hold of our lives, it has been a journey for each and every one of us. 

At first, I saw this time as a waste of a year. I felt stuck. In a life where I was constantly moving I was forced to stop. 

Not a totally foreign concept to me. I’ve been here before; Been pushed to a stand still thanks to illness. However, this has been the first time I’ve been healthy in doing so.

“What a waste”, I thought.

That is, until I began to shift my thinking.

I began to see this time as a massive opportunity for self-growth and self-reflection. Not only that, a time to connect – If only from a distance.

I’ve begun to do all of the things that I would constantly insist I had no time for – I bake more, craft more, learn more, read more, write more, workout more, listen to more music, reflect more. Breathe more. I make time to play games; to be silly. Despite the distance, I have more meaningful conversations. Our home life of rushing around has turned to enjoying each other’s company. 

Above all, there has been gratitude. 

How often do we take fore granted the safety of our homes? Good health? Family? Friends? Going to work?

How many of you have now seen life through a different lens? I know I have.

Had I known my last day before isolation was, in fact, my last day before isolation, I would change so much about that day. More than anything, I would change the rushed goodbyes.

But instead of looking back, I look forward – To the hellos. The welcome backs. The hugs. The drinks. The meals shared. Conversations in person. To going into an office, surrounded by good people. Family time. Friend time. The list goes on and on.

I could change 100 things about the day I left. Instead, I look forward to the 100 ways I will choose to change and appreciate my life going forward.

100 days lost. 100 days found.

100 days.

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