Oh what a difference a year can make.

This is a follow up to my blog post from last year that you can find here.

One year ago today, exactly so, I sat in a hospital chair crying after being told that I had a blood clot at the base of my skull. I didn’t even know then just how large it was; how it nearly blocked off an entire vein.

This time last year, I had barely survived the Holidays; sick and in pain, not even the slightest clue what was looming. It was horrible.

But oh what a difference a year can make.

As I sit here, at home, snuggled in a comfy robe, my kitty curled up beside me, I can’t help but reminisce, and above all, consider just how lucky I am.

I didn’t just survive the Holidays this year, I ENJOYED them. Every second. I got to enjoy my nephew plucking away excitedly at his new guitar until the strings broke, and carry my niece around as she insisted before she gets too big (to be honest she already is but who can resist her pleas)! I got to sit at Christmas dinner with my family, bawling for a few short minutes after my niece said grace – The overwhelming feeling of simply being present and surrounded by love.

I didn’t spend New Year’s Eve crying in pain, hunched over a toilet – Instead I partied ’til after 5 a.m. with a wonderful group of people. Laughing, drinking and dancing. Side-by-side with an amazing man. (Though, I may have spent part of the next morning hunched over a toilet – Oops! It was for all the best reasons.)

I spent New Year’s Day secretly holding in tears as I sat completely in awe of how beautiful my life is. How lucky I am to be present in it and surrounded by so much love.

I’ve been no stranger to health battles but my diagnosis last year was a whole new journey. One that brought about a whole new appreciation for living the life I have, no matter what it entails. I’ve always appreciated the small the things but even more so now. I’ve seen how incredible my friendships, family and relationship are. How important my work is to me, and how sharing my journey impacts others.

The beginning of the year was filled with a hospital stay, followed by a couple of (the dullest of) months home in bed. Medications and blood work and self-injections and doctors visits. Resilience. And hope. Not to mention, a new UC treatment, and subsequent remission.

By September, the clot was gone but even before that, the year truly showed it’s true colours – And it turns out, it was a beautiful one.

In a little over two weeks, I’ll turn 31, and I know exactly how I’ll be spending my birthday – Healthy. Happy. Loved.



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