Daily Makeup Bag – Eyeshadow

Now that we’ve got you primed, it’s time to talk eyeshadow! I’ve been a MASSIVE fan of the Urban Decay Naked palettes for years (and still am), however recently I’ve mixed things up with this sweet little palette.

Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection Palette

First of all, YES this totally does smell like peaches – It’s sweet, and such a pleasant addition to my makeup routine! I have green eyes, and I find that all of these warm colours are perfect for light eyes – Whether on their own or blended into a look (which is how I usually wear them). They are super pigmented, and when paired with the UD primer from my last post, make your eyes really stand out.  This peach palette is more than just peaches – It’s 18 different pinks, corals, purples, browns, and even a green! It’s also a good combination of both matte and shimmery colours.

Day to night – This palette does it all!

If anyone with dark eyes has tried this palette, comment below and let me know how the colour combination suits your looks.

Click here to buy.




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