New Specs!

Hi Guys and Dolls!

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that my vision has been going down hill – A crazy thought considering I had just gotten a new prescription and purchased glasses early last year!

Since being diagnosed with the blood clot in my neck, it was important to get my eyes examined, as vision changes can be associated with a clot of this nature. I also learnt in this examine that there’s always the potential for a piece of the clot to break off and travel into my eye(s) – Another thing to watch out for! Lovely.

Anyways, having just purchased expensive Tory Burch frames with high quality lenses less than a year ago, and only being covered for a couple hundred dollars every couple of years, I knew I had to seek out a less expensive option.

A friend of mine had recommended Warby Parker – It was the first time I heard of this concept where glasses actually seemed affordable! The cost difference from what I would usually spend honestly blew my mind a little.

I was set to check out Warby (and I still will one day) when I stumbled across a similar site/store – Bonlook! I was instantly obsessed with their collection.

My eyes had changed quite a bit so buying new glasses was not an option at this point – It was a necessity. I had been struggling with worsening tension headaches, and general eye sore for months. What suddenly did become an option – Buying multiple pairs!

The majority of Bonlook’s eyeglasses are $135 CAN (Of course, even cheaper for those in the U.S.) – This price includes BOTH frames AND lenses. I was able to purchase two pairs of complete glasses for about half of the price that I would usually pay for a single pair.

Beyond affordability, their collection is on-trend, and very stylish. You can also have any of their frames made into sunglasses – An option I’ll definitely be looking into in the summer.

All of their glasses are sold online, however you can go into any of their boutiques and try on the frames first, and place the order in store. Their staff is extremely friendly, and helpful (I went into the Eaton Centre, Toronto location), and I had a lot of fun trying on frames with them! They also have an optometrist on hand.

I placed my order on February, 9th and they were ready to be picked up late on the 17th. Since you need to schedule an appointment with the optometrist for a proper fitting when you pick them up, I picked mine up the morning of the 18th. I’m used to a 1-hour wait for glasses at LensCrafters, so I won’t lie, this wait felt long, however in reality it wasn’t. Considering it was a busy time for shipments due to back-to-back sales, a roughly week long wait was impressive, in hindsight.

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with the quality of both pairs of glasses. They’re stylish, comfortable, and function perfectly; They’re quite honestly some of the best glasses I’ve purchased! If I hadn’t loved them, Bonlook has a generous 30-day return policy, which allows you to try them on for a while to ensure that they’re the perfect fit for you.

If you’re tired of over-paying for designer lenses, as I was, I genuinely recommend checking them out!

Here are some pictures of the two pairs I picked out (though I did fall in love with so many others). I’ve included links to purchase below, and I’ll try to update with photos of me wearing them soon.

Happy shopping!






GLORY, ROSE – $135


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