My First GLOSSYBOX Delivery – May 2015 – Overview & Review

I had been trying to find the right subscription box to sign-up for for quite some time now. Being that I’m in Canada, the options are growing but still rather limited. I had actually signed up for Ipsy last year, however I cancelled before I received my first box – After I looked through the hype, I saw that the products actually weren’t a very good match for me, and I also wasn’t very happy about the size of products. Armed with this in mind, I began my hunt for the perfect box for me!


After a lot of research, I stumbled across GLOSSYBOX. From what I had read, they had been around long enough to iron out any kinks in their service, and the products in their past boxes aligned well with my purchasing habits. As someone who makes about 95% of my beauty and skin care purchases at Sephora, I was happy that their product line-up was a little more high-end than, say, Ipsy. With that, I signed up for the May box! Here’s my breakdown below:

The cost of the box is $21/month (US$) – Orders within the U.S. ship free, and Canadians pay an extra $5 for shipping. This is definitely reasonable for the type of products you are receiving – As you will see, the value is more than there!

I had heard that shipping to Canada could take up until the end of the month, so I didn’t really get my hopes up to receive the box too early in May – Needless to say, when it was delivered today, on the 13th, I was pleasantly surprised! The box took exactly a week to get here from went it first shipped. As far as cross-border deliveries go, this isn’t too bad a wait at all! I was also happy to see that there were no duties (*phew*)!


As a graphic designer, a well packaged product has a lot of sway in my opinion (maybe even more so than it should ; )). The GLOSSYBOX gets an A+ in my books – Everything is well thought-out and branded. Even the shipping box itself is pretty, and carries the branding through. The pink and black are a beautiful, classy combination, and the box itself is actually really good quality – Something you can definitely re-purpose for storage or gifting. Overall, it’s all really, really pretty to put it simply! I also love that it includes a well designed, custom brochure outlining the use of all the products you received with tips and tidbits, and even a discount code for one of the products!

Products Inside GLOSSYBOX

The website states that this month’s box is valued at over $65 and I definitely believe it! Two of the products alone are full-sized and have a combined value of $34. There are five products in total – The other three were deluxe mini’s/travel-sized. I was quite happy with the quality of the products, as well as the variation. Here is a brief overview of the products I received in this month’s box:

blogpost15dGlamGlow Powermud DualCleanse Treatment – Deluxe Mini – Let me start off by saying, I am obsessed with GlamGlow products, so receiving any amount of one at a discount is a major plus for me. Powermud is a mud-to-oil cleansing treatment for all skin types that not only cleanses but also exfoliates for a powerful skin detox duo. This is the only face product I have yet to own in the GlamGlow line so I’m super excited to try it out!

blogpost15d2Sebastian Professional Stylbrid 9 – Travel Size – This is a “multi-benefit” hairspray that is both a lightweight styler and treatment. It’s Paraben and alcohol free, and provides protection UV rays – All things that I absolutely LOVE in a haircare product. This size will be excellent to toss in my purse and/or for travel though I’m open to buying a larger size if I love it!

Teez blogpost15d3Trend Cosmetics Head Over Heels Nail Lacquer – Full Sized – $14.00 Value – The packaging of this nail polish is really stunning! The shape of the bottle itself reminds me of the ones that Julep uses – I find that the tall, skinny shape is easier to hold when painting your nails. The colour that I received is called “Cadmium Rush” and it’s a gorgeous sort of rosey-peach – If that makes any sense at all! I own A LOT of polish, however I don’t have anything quite this colour so I’m excited to try it!

blogpost15d4Doucce Mineral Matt Lipstick – Full Sized – $20.00 Value – Anyone who’s followed me on Instagram for more than a day will know that I have quite an obsession with lip colour! I was super psyched that this was one of the full-sized products. The colour that I received is a beautiful mauve, which is very much a colour I would buy for myself! This lipstick is SPF 10 and infused with vitamin E. It also promises not to feather or fade – All things that are all very important to me! I wear a lot of lipstain, which can be drying so I was actually looking for a moisturizing lipstick to change things up once in a while so the timing on this couldn’t be more perfect.

blogpost15d5Clearista Retexturizing Gel – Deluxe Mini – This gel is used after cleansing to help balnce out your complexion by smoothing skin and refining pores. It promises to reduce pigmentation as well as skin imperfections such as rough skin, bumps and dry patches. I love these types of products – It sounds like it will be a great addition to switch things up in my routine.

Final Thoughts:
I’m more than happy that I decided to choose GLOSSYBOX as my first subscription box delivery! The products I received are definitely in line with my purchasing habit – It’s filled with both amazing quality and value. I adore the presentation of the everything, and it adds to that special feeling of receiving a box full of surprise goodies in the mail every month!

If you would like to hear my ramblings during the unboxing, check out my Instagram profile: @danimarie_lynn

If you would like to try out GLOSSYBOX for yourself, check it out at my special referral link:

Already sign-up for GLOSSYBOX? Let me know what you got this month in the comments below!



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