All About That Base

A few years ago my New Year’s plans quickly went from a simple night out to a long night spanning between two parties at two different venues. While I was down for such a night, I wasn’t convinced that my make-up would be! I knew that I would be out from about 9 p.m. until at least 3 a.m., and that the venues would be packed with people and I would be boiling from all of the dancing. How would my makeup ever stay flawless throughout?!

At this time, make-up primers were becoming a big deal, and armed with a TON of research, I began my foray into this wonderful world. My make-up remained beautiful through 6+hrs of dancing and fun, and I’ve been a huge addict and supporter of various primers ever since! With this, I present to you my list of 4 products that will change your make-up routine, and leave you without the need to touch-up your make-up throughout the day.


First Base: Prime Time™ Foundation Primer – Oil Control, bareMinerals
After you’ve washed your face and applied face cream, give your cream a minute to dry, and then apply about a pea sized amount of this all over your face. Once it’s dry, proceed to apply your foundation, etc. This provides the perfect base to keep your foundation and everything on top of it in place.

I’ve tried MANY of the popular brands, and every single time I go back to my first love – Prime Time. It’s truly amazing. In addition to keeping your make-up in place, it helps minimize the look of pores and fine lines. I also prefer the oil control formula to help  keep things dry and in place. I find that a lot of the other popular brands such as Smashbox may feel softer but they do nothing to smooth out pores, etc., which is a MUST for me.

Second Base: Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube – Original, Urban Decay
I used to always have a problem with my shadow creasing no matter which brand or type of eyeshadow I tried. I think I have semi-oily lids – If that’s a thing? Until I tried this little wonder! A tiny drop applied and smoothed over each lid before eyeshadow application, and your eye make-up will stay in place, crease-free, and pigmented all day/night long! If you need a little extra help keeping your under-eye concealer in place as well, you can also apply a little under your eyes before application for an added benefit.

Third Base: MultiplEYE™ Lash Enhancing Primer, Tarte
I often don’t understand why women are willing to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year on fake lashes when a beautiful, full, long look can be achieved with a good eyelash primer and mascara. Tarte makes my absolute favourite (not to mention they make products with ingredients I always feel good about). Curl an eyelash, then apply a nice, thick coat of this stuff from the base up, making sure to keep lashes separated. Immediately apply your favourite mascara after. This not only creates the look of fuller, longer lashes, it has the added benefit of helping to keep your mascara in place! Feel free to leave a comment if you are looking for a mascara recommendation.

Hit It Home: All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, Urban Decay
This isn’t a primer but more of an added bonus and my final key to keeping your make-up flawless all day long! Spray this all over your face once you’ve finished applying all of your make-up, and voila – Your make-up is safe for whatever you have in-store for it! Whether that be a full day at work, a night out dancing or, hey, even a workout! A girl’s got the right to look fab any time she wants ; )

And there you have it! I used to come home from work every day and cringe at what I saw in the mirror – It was NOT the face I ever left with in the morning, despite an afternoon touch-up. Now I come home and smile at how good I still look – And no afternoon touch-up needed!!

Hope you’ll try these fab products and achieve that all-day flawless face I know you’ve been yearning for!



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