Resurrecting The Blog…

I’ve finally decided to make a serious go of maintaining a blog. I love to write. I adore taking photos. And, most of all, I love sharing my life – Everything from stories to advice to things that I just simply love. So, it really seems like a no-brainer to do something like this.

I actually opened this blog a little over three years ago, however life took over, and it ended after just one post. So here I am – Resurrecting it with the promise that it is going to turn into something truly amazing, and hopefully different from everything else that is out there.

When I re-logged into my blog account for the first time since that first post, I thought I would read it and cringe – I remember where I was at during that time in my life, and well, I was all over the place.. Starting more than just a new chapter in my life – It was whole new book! But I didn’t cringe at all – I smiled!

So insanely much has happened over the past few years – Both highs and lows, and I hope to slowly share some stories from that time here. Throughout it all, I’ve transformed my life in some of the most amazing ways, and finally feel truly comfortable in my own skin.

I’ll save the details for later but for now… Here we go again!



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