First Post.

In a couple of weeks I will have reached the one year mark in a major turning point in my life. Nearly a year ago, I ran from a relationship and a living situation that had turned completely toxic – Something no woman should endure. I lost nearly everything – From my health to my kitty to half of my belongings and most of my savings in the process. In doing so, I was free but also truly alone for the very first time. In the past year, I’ve had to come to terms with what true independence means. I’ve spent most of this time single for what felt like the first time since the end of highschool, and in turn, reflective. I’ve always considered myself self-aware, but there is nothing like the silence of an empty home and a more solitary life to draw your mind into all of the places you were ever too busy to see. This was by no means the beginning of my story, just truly the first time I was forced to honestly look back on it.

There have been a multitude of tears and days spent with blinds drawn shut, but above all there has been the triumph of redeeming my life – A chance to finally not only heal but also rest from years of a life of organized chaos, and to come to know myself. During the years preceding the last, I moved to a large unfamiliar city, lived some interesting experiences, dated a few too many equally ‘interesting’ guys, struggled with health, achieved goals, worked non-stop, finished five years of school, and eventually landed my dream job.

This blog will serve as a reflection of this crazy life I am so blessed to call mine – Things that I have lived in the past, experiences of the present, and hopes for the future, mixed with various things that I love. I’ve always believed in living life with as much openness and honestly as possible, and this truly feels like the next step in this belief. It’s amazing how often you realize your struggles and victories are not only your own when you live them outloud.

So, here we go…!


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